Monday, August 30, 2004

sharing is caring: from pg 92 and 109 in 'galileo's daughter'-

"to wit: as earnestly as men may seek to understand the workings of the universe, they must remember that God is not hampered by their limited logic-that all observed effects may have been wrought by Him in any one of an infinite number of omnipotent ways, and these must ever evade mortal comprehension."

as well,

"...candid honesty is more beautiful than deceitful duplicity."


Michelle said...

you read too much my love :) ya get it from daddy, definitely.

Michelle said...

I like the new photo of you!

Missie Rose said...

i wish such an acquisition was true. if you look at the great extant of literaty works that exist in just the public library in a suburb alone, and compare it to my check list of books read, i have merely scratched the surface. though you sure know how to flatter a sister. the new picture on my profile is from the turkey incident with melanie a few years back. the face i'm making is because...hillarious huh?!?