Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i never thought the day would come where i would be so escatic to be poor, but today and yesterday and until after baby number two comes, i am! a few months back we applied for the oregon health plan and a month ago found out we were ineligible because we exceeded the income limit, but something wonderful happened when i lost my job in januray: our income slide right under the scale to be eligible. so starting may 1st ALL the prenatal care, ultrasounds, doctor visits, labor, delivery, hospital fees, newborn fees, the whole darn kit and kaboodle will be covered. i mean, even if i was still working, and had health insurance, it still wouldn't be as sweet as a deal to get the whole thing for FREE. we are still paying conrad off, and that was with pretty good health insurance, so this is as kick ass as kick ass could get. God is genius, and oregon is great for taking care of us pohr poeples.

i also found The House last night on craigslist. it really is everything and more and at the right price too. the lady told me there is another couple ahead of us but she hasn't checked their references so i'm praying either they suck or she finds great favor with us.

conrad although isn't falling into the good news segment; the past few days have been challenging ones, to say the least. i'm not sure if it's because he still is feeling crappy or because of two teeth cutting in, or because, as i fear, my good fortune with him has expired and he is now a normal child. just this afternoon we spent a good thirty minutes doing time outs because he kept hitting me. the intersting thing is that he wasn't doing it out of frustration or anger, but with a smile on his face. which makes me think he is merely juxaposting my reactions with different physical acts. none the less, it is unnerving and i would definitely prefer we back track to the hugs and kisses comparison and analysis. or maybe back rubs and foot massages.

and now to clean.

Monday, April 28, 2008

a women with a dream: a cure for all hernia sufferers!

check out the boogie in his nose!

a boy with a magical watering pot.

that he can drink out of.

watching jets on youtube in the pj's.

i'm sending this one into america's next top model.

and fishing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

we started our weekend on friday. jon had already worked an exorbitant amount of hours by thursday that by the time friday morning rolled around he was either taking the day off or i was going to call in a bomb threat to his work. thankfully he was given the day off, and so we did what we do best, and that is spend the day by the river. it was a perfect day too, and by 11am or so i had my pants rolled up and the layers peeled off onto a blanket on the shore. shahala, zion, and pete joined us for awhile. at one point i turned around to see conrad with his safari hat looking quite like a little person down on a trail with zion in her halter top right behind him following along. it was one of those sights i'll never forget because the two of them looked so grown up, like a little couple out on a walk in the forest together, sharing secrets and rocks.
saturday i did my yard saling thing. a total bust, especially compared to last saturday when i scored everything from a nice living room rug to a sur la table serving dish to a baby moses carrier to a Diane von F├╝rstenberg skirt to a train set to pine toy box to a...oh i could go on and on and on. i did walk away with an old dresser that i got for twenty dollars-a DIY moment you could say-i bought it with the notion i would sand it down, put a finish on it, replace the knobs, and voila, a pottery barn-esque $1,000 dresser that only cost me $20 plus the supplies. of course once i got it home and began sanding it, it soon dawned on me i would be sanding the blasted thing till the new baby comes.
after i got home from my yard saling bust i walked downtown and met conrad and jon at medford's pear blossom parade. we stayed for awhile, long enough to consume a decent amount of vendor food and watch the firetrucks and crazy shriners go by.
sunday we skipped church. i was tired and needed a nap only a hour after waking up. after i finally did wake up we went to a nearby lake with a neighbor kid who so sweetly invited himself along. i made sandwiches, brought all the fixings for strawberry shortcake then of course forgot the forks to eat it with; conrad and me chased one another around, went for a walk down on the dock, while jon taught neighbor kid mike how to fish.
it's monday now and the house needs to be reminded i haven't forgotten it, so does the empty refrigerator.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

here is just a fraction of the pictures i took. i'm still waiting for the ones his aunt and grampa took. i'll be creating a special Whales Vagina folder for the slew of them.

this picture was taken after the one right below it. i was asking conrad to smile for the camera and he gave the below look as the flash snapped-then, as if knowing exactly what he was doing when he gave me that derrr pose, started laughing at himself. luckily i was able to take a picture for proof.

derr pose.

california has some of the best playgrounds. this one was surrounded by palm trees on a cliff.

me in front of my ocean front dream house in la jolla. unfortunately, it's a historical society building.

"wow" was his favorite word of the trip.

conrad and aunt jessica at the beach.

by the end of the day we all looked like that.

conrad doing his elephant sign. which also was his favorite animal of the day.

i think him and the turtles had a connection.

above the zoo.

this picture is definately out of order.

conrad above the zoo in his uncles arms.

in the bird sancturay.

almost looking so it counts.