Thursday, September 18, 2008

one month down

yah. it's been a month, a little over a month. and ask me, ask me if it feels like it...yep. feels like i have an one month old and a two year old and am terribly, terribly sleep deprived. i will never understand those mothers who gush how fast time has flown by with their infants. what sort of crack are they snorting, and on whose back? there is nothing fast about long nights and learning how to juggle two kids in a grocery cart. no, it's more like a slow crawl down a plank with circling sharks below.

i've already dealt with a double breast infection, a two day ordeal in the hospital, and shooting yellow poop. but here is the great part, it's all worth it and even in this current state of DUH, which is how i feel at almost all times, i'm quite aware how precious this time is and how in those dark moments, how this too shall pass.

i tip my hat to mothers of more than one child everywhere. which includes me. i tip my hat to me.