Thursday, August 16, 2007

he's practising for his role as a bird/old man with no teeth taking a dump in the backyard.

check out the yellow jacket that got decapitated! that sincerely made my morning. and in addition to this wasp trap, i've also found a great way of killing them: it's an all-natural/poison free aerosol that i spray on them when their hoovering over the ground. by itself it won't kill them, so once their knocked on their ass i then proceed to beat the living pollen out of them with the can. jon thinks it barbaric, or at least that's what his face is saying to me.

our grapes! their are four different bunches of these grapes and if they don't ripen soon i will have to eat them as is. the anticipation is killing me.

gold medal to conrad for being able to perch in this pool. you just have no idea how Cold that water is. it comes from the applegate reservoir, though i swear they must have the pipeline going through Antarctica before it makes it to us. plus side: no need for ice cubes.

the look back. all mothers know what this means: trouble on the horizon.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

including half the shut eye i need to function as a normal human being, this is what else i missed last night while at work: