Monday, May 31, 2004

red, white, and blue

packed away in my childhood chest is my very first american flag, folded in it's proper way; a token of my innocence to reflect upon, it lies there remebering it's glory days with me. while other little girls were begging their parents for ponies or the new malibu barbie beach house i was begging my parents for a "real america flag". i loved what it stood for. i loved the stories that it represented. i loved the way it rippled in the wind and towered with the clouds that some days looked like elephants and other days looked like my boxer dog peggy. i loved it's colors. i loved seranating it with the pledge of alliance every time i laid eyes upon it. when a storm would announce it's presence, i was the very first one in class with my hand anxiously raised, requesting permission to take it down. i cried when i would see one that had endured years of neglect still valiently perched to it's station. i cried when a hero would die and it was lowered to half mask. i would almost have an eight year old heart attack when someone let it accidentally touch the ground. so i really believe i was the happiest girl in the world the birthday that i was given my very own america flag. every patriotic holiday i would wake up early to hang it from our porch. and now today is memorial day, a day in which we honor the valor, the bravery, the nobility, and the sacrifice of the soldiers that fought and died in WW2, and, i am without my flag to hang from the porch. it's such a petty act i know but it's all i know to do to show how grateful and proud i am of those soldiers that rightly earned the term the greatest generation. i hope that as a nation we stop to remember the sacrafice-and through our remeberance, honor is exhibited.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

lost another one to rolling over

cheesy commercial spoofing, indeed, i just resorted to a ditech commercial for the title. oh lord.

an accident occured yesterday. i rolled over on the bed, unaware that i had taken off my shades just moments before, onto my shades i had just taken off moments before. brand spanking new sunglasses bought from target for $20.00 now sitting in the trash can next to me-in pieces. they didn't even make it a month.

jon and i spent the remainder of that day price comparing tents, sleeping bags, and hiking shoes for his big move up north. he also wanted to buy a pair of back up sunglasses as cool as the ones he has now. the same pair he has had since the day i met him, two years ago, leaning against andy's suv wearing a thrift store tee that someone in the 70's purchased during a vacation to jamacia, perfectly snug jeans, his old faithful sneakers that look as if they had stories of their own, and those green tinted fossil shades. those same shades that accompanied us to sante fe, enchanted rock, austin, matinees, bike rides, weddings, and a moon bounce party. those same shades that have seen at least seven pairs of different shades on me.

then today at work while i organized the lost and found tubs i came upon a pair of really cool sunglasses begging to be worn; perhaps to be the sunglasses that will hide my farewell tears for those green tinted fossil shades that are moving so far away and the new pair i have yet to make memories with.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


it's an universal rule that the only way to complete a great saturday is to wake up sunday and go to brunch and the only way to start a great sunday is to go to brunch. so either way, brunch is pretty much a must. and since yesterday was the utopia of saturdays the only thing that made sense to me was going up to terrillis for a few mimosas and a plate of french toast. off course any day is subject to be foiled-it only takes a kink in the day planner such as work, or, car keys left in a friends truck that is inaccesible. as luck wouldn't have it, i was dealt both. which put me in the hot seat at work because my title gives me no room for mistakes and being late to work is 'totally unacceptable' even though i spent all morning busting my ass trying to make sure things would be cool without me their for a hour. which caused me to not be in the mood for work because; first of all, it was technically my day off(though i did offer to come in for a few hours so one of the guards could go to a party that was, "like super important to all seniors"); secondly because i loathe making mistakes and even more being scorned for making a mistake i'm already pissed off at myself for making; and most of all, because i wanted to waste my sunday morning and afternoon outside on the patio of terrillis enjoying this beautiful weather and my beautiful life.

but i went to work. i went and smiled and tried to smooth things over. i went and met the new lifeguards and showed them how an extraction is really done. i went and then as soon as i could, i left. now, the day is almost over and despite that it is, my enthusiasm for celebrating it has yet to fade.
glee with a capital g

i've always had this idea of what i wanted my wedding to be like- i want it to be chill, laid back, with great music, lots of friends and family, mexican food and margaritas. no high heels, no tuxes, no classical music, no roses, no davids bridal, no church, and absolutely no washing eachothers feet or lighting candles of unity.

yesterday out in kemp, texas my idea was done up right.

it was perfect; the breeze coming off the lake, the way the groom drew close his beaming bride before the minister had finished, the ring bearer dressed up as charlie chaplin, sonic boom as the song for their first dance as husband and wife, and just the overall sensation that they knew what it was all about. eachother. love. the type of love the beatles sang about. the type of love i see when my father looks at my mother. the type of love that is so rare.

i've never felt a congratulations to be more deserved, escpecially after seven hours of margarita consumption.

Friday, May 21, 2004

collection of anomalous occurances in the form of re in addition to random musings.

i remember that day; wrapping the towel around myself, opening the bathroom door and then waking up in a soaring and singing ambulance, the reliefed faces of strangers hoovering above me and soon after all this sank in came the retrospect of my mother crying, me on the floor, and then her calling 911. i had passed out. they said it was a combination of precariously mingled medication on an empty stomach followed by a nap in a hot bath that sent me to a brief state of immobilty and unconsciousness. it was nothing serious and at the tender age of 14, i was more embarrassed at the thought of my mother and a group strangers seeing me naked then prancing me out the front door on a stretcher for all the neighbors to gawk about.


i went to stand up. in the process of upward motion, the world went blank and the noise about it did a hi-fi distoration increasing in volume with every second i struggled to regain my sight. i was on stand in the deep end. two lifeguards didn't show up; highschool stuff for highschool kids who have little understanding of work ethic, that put me on stand on one of our busiest days yet. after what seemed to be eternity, my sight finally made out the translucent blue hue of the pool and the bodies flying into it off the diving board. i was fine but perplexed. then upset that i was stand while it happened because as a lifeguard one should be actively vigilent in awareness for the unexpected; however, at that point of being incapable to see let alone hear a distressed swimmer, i, miss kick ass lifeguard boss lady was not.

last night:

while enjoying r.e.m's embrace, i became aware that the tv was on although i went to sleep with it off. in fact i hadn't turned it on since the morning before. with this in mind r.e.m loosened it's grasp. i was tired, exhausted, but most of all confused as to how the tv turned itself on-and not only did it turn itself on but it was turned on to that station that preys off the eldery's retirement fund by selling "essential" prayer blankets in the name of the lord. said in a sweet southern accent off course. although my middle of the night home appliance freak fest wasn't trying to sell me sand from israel, instead there was a lady preaching about the promises of god and so i tried to listen just in case god was now in the business of this type of attention grabber. but after five minuets of trying to stay awake to hear what god was possibly wanting to tell me, i figured i got the jist of it; i claimed his promises for my life and asked him if he wouldn't mind finishing telling me the rest in my sleep because i had a super long day ahead of me in just a few hours.

which is soon about to start. at 11:00 i'm going to get my hair colored by a stylist who worships led zepplin and likes to share a six pack of corona with me while she cuts and colors. it's been ages since i've allowed myself to spend money on coloring my hair but sarah is awesome while my roots are not. i'm going to work from 2pm to 4am today so to hell with it i say.


my thoughts are occupied by a conversation in which i was tolled that my logic is different than theirs. now, if my logic is different than theirs that would make logic conditional upon the individual and since the defination of logic is the principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation; and since principles are a basic truth, law, or assumption than what this person is saying is that truth and law in combination with assumption is objective. this statement is similar to the post-modernist; that truth is whatever is truth to you. in his case: logic is whatever logic is to you. if believing contrary to such a hypothetic makes me an illogical person than so be it but i believe that their is logical or illogical; their is fact and their is fiction. i do believe in grey but not as a separate entity from black and white but merely a prism of color that comes from the same light spectrum...thinking outside of the box while aware that the box does exist.

forget boxes:

i have all three of my best friends here on this site- from moscow to london to tokoyo, as teny tiny said, "Its a freaking international blog-reunion. Kisses and hugs to everyone." and boy do i agree.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

a lousy attempt at jump starting some sort of post:

listening to: trail of the dead-relative ways

wearing: white tank top, draw string pajama pants.

if i had a bra on: i'd go out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and make myself some peanut butter toast.

if jon would wake up: i'd suggest us going on a bike ride this morning.

afternoon plans: work

evening plans: coffee with my father.

weekend plans: kims bridal shower, adam and alicia's wedding, bruch at terrillis on sunday.

expected purchases: gifts for this weekends events and a dress to wear to this weekends events.

recently at the movies: i saw troy and brad pitt's ass.

obviously: not in the mood to write.

Monday, May 17, 2004

on may 17th

twenty months after i was brought into this world god sent me a sister and best friend. that day was today twenty three years ago. i can't imagine how life would have been without her in it; there wouldn't have been bike crashing competitions for sure, or tea parties with stuffed animals and dolls, nor can i imagine creating the explorers without such a trusty side kick as the treasurer. i don't remember the first time i saw my little sister but i've seen the picture of when my mother placed her, waddled in a baby blanket safe and happy, in my toddler arms for the first time. forever will may 17th be my favorite day.

happy birthday sissy!!!

Friday, May 14, 2004

let it be

it occured to me the morning i woke up to the ghastly sight on my chin that somethings should just let be. i'm one of those people (and i'd assume their are more than myself)who like to stare intently at themselves in the mirror while brushing their teeth, and it was while doing so as i prepared for bed that i noticed an emerging blemish on my chin. after i spit, rinsed, and had a closer look, my fear was confirmed. it was indeed a baby zit just waiting for my next chocolate fix to grow into the monster i knew it wanted to be and so, i took action. unfortunately, i took home remedy action: one of those tips out of a chic magazine, like how to get shinier hair by saturating it with raw eggs or to exfoliate lips, dampen your tooth brush then with the tooth brush make circular motions across your lips.

somewhere at some point in some magazine some moron wrote that applying tooth paste to a zit acted in the same manner in which clearasil did. and maybe if you use clearasil to brush your teeth it works just great, but for those of us who use toms all natural toothpaste, well, yah it works sureright but with a price.

see, the morning after this technique was applied, my zit was gone but instead of the soft and spotless skin i was hoping to find there was a huge burn hiding itself under the flaky toothpaste on my chin. that was six days ago and in the course of the past six days i've probably been asked ten times, " gee what happened to your chin?", off course while they stare it at with utter horror and disgust. and to make it even worse is knowing that had i just left baby zit alone my chin would be soft and spotless by now; that i could feel as cute as my outfit is suggesting i should feel. pink eyelet skirt, nude tank top with lace around the edges, and brown flip flops just doesn't mesh well with weird looking burn on the chin.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

if starsailing had categories this post would definitely be filed under: not only do i hate breaking up but i also have issues about hooking up. or maybe just: boy blahama.

ok there is no way around this...about a year ago while driving through san antonio with a broken cd player and my daily fill of npr, i let the dial fall on one of those top hits stations and behold cameth unto me kelly clarkson singing miss. independent. it was an immediate and shameful connection; "miss independent, miss self-sufficient, miss keep your distance, no miss on her own miss almost grown, miss never let a man help her off her throne. so, by keeping her heart protected she'd never ever feel rejected. little miss apprehensive." i mean add a friggin ie to all those miss(es) in the song, and literally, it's about me. or was about me. me before the boy; the boy to whom i would recklessly give my heart too. and here is the thing i didn't understand until it happened to me-how girls could get so bent out of shape just because some guy didn't like them or cheated on them or went away to europe and wanted to be single for any unexpected opportunities. in my opinion such guys (even the dude that was a dick weed in the process) were doing us girls a favor by getting out of our lives, allowing us to move on so one day we would have the opportunity to fall in love with the right one. but that perspective was based on the foundation from a girl who was living under a bell jar with pink and purple speckled butterflies; a girl who was as apprehensive as every over protective father prays his baby girl will be. but then the day came when a boy with blue eyes and an irrestiable charm swept my head right up and off my shoulders. my heart layed craving his approval, yearning for him to desire the gift i was finally wanting to give; me vulnerable, adoring, placing hope in the claws of the unknown, caring about the outcome of our relationship but instead he slowly declined. that's when i started to realize what the problem was with all those bent out of shape girls: when you give someone your heart, you inadvertently place your worth in their hands as well, and so when the rejection comes so does the feeling of being inadequate, of not being important enough to be made special. those emotions that stem from feeling rejected. and i felt all that and then some, i felt depressingly cheap because i was worth the hankey and hanging out with but i wasn't worth commitment, or simple acts of adoration, or being set apart as the top girl in his life. it's much easier to convince yourself that "he's the bozo for not seeing how incredible i am" when "he" doesn't still have your heart dragging on a leash through the mud. off course later on your suppose to realize that it had nothing to do with a lack of realization but the conclusion that the cards fell where they were meant to. and that later, day by day, is becoming sooner than later for me. thank-god. still their are little things i know i shouldn't let get to me but they somehow do, and it's frustrating to be kinda upset that he went to a fun show with another girl tonight and didn't even bother to invite me or want to stay up telling me all about it and how he wishes i could have been there too. i was searching for those words but they never came and now it's 3:30am and i'm still awake because of it.

arghhhh. oh to be little miss apprehensive-little miss i don't care if you care about making me feel special because i don't need you to realize that i am to make me feel that i really am soon again.

what an effin headache. this must be why god gave us the ingeniuty for the invention of dildos- for the small percentage of us females who effin hate feeling like you need anything from a man...especially when it's uncalled for or plain ol' retarded.

the lesson to be learned is that you should never give your heart away. never. not even to your soul-mate. jesus for sure but that's it!!! let them see it, touch it from time to time but in the words of gandolf the grey, "keep it safe, keep it secret."

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

i'm so blessed i have her to spin with.

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face?
Do You Realize - we're floating in space?
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry?
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die?

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast,
It's hard to make the good things last.
You realize the sun doesn't go down,
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round.

true that wayne, true that.

inexcusably apathetic:

i've been a horrible, horrible conservative lately. too often i realize i've allowed the press to think for me. i've sat on my hands of rational thinking(that is when i can feel my hands at all). i've used so much of the time i once devouted to understanding and being informed about current events for analyzing my own personal problems and ordeals because, frankly, those don't involve the decapitation of an innocent civilian or any other facet of war. sure the personal is sometimes chaotic and unpleasant but never has it consisted of violence or inhumanity. after 9/11 i wanted a break and maybe i needed it; caring is something i can't do in moderation and so such catastrophic or incomprehensible acts of hatred are often too debilitating to my rainbows and unicorns wishful assiduity. but i'm really thankful for the blogosphere-it knows when to direct my feet back to planet earth even if i prefer them to be floating in space with the verve. it offers me this tiny window with an enormous view that takes my breathe away and then blows it right back in, backfiring with refreshement and perspective.

so thanks-

annika , moxie , and candy girl.

no play on abbreviations, no sarcasism intended; a genuine internal debate of what-would-jesus-do if he found a great job he really liked and then one day found out that the establishment in which he was employed prohibited those of jewish and african descent club membership?

(off course in this hypothetical musing i'm quite aware that the all mighties right hand man would be too occupied with laying hands on the sick, raising the dead, and feeding the poor to diddle and doddle his power on kids running around the pool deck or making sure his guards are scanning their zone every 10 seconds, but...)

if the prelude to this job didn't include over 6 months of unemployment and poverty i don't think it'd be a question; i think i would have put in my two weeks at the confirmation of the rumors. but i need this job, i like this job and so i'm trying to justify it, to rationalize it, to hope that maybe i have misunderstood something that seems to be black and white...anti-sematism and bigotry. is making the right decision ever cut and dry easy or painless? i doubt it. do i have to take it to the extreme of quitting or is their another way to express my disapproval and disgust? how can i say i'm not like them if nothing in my actions contradict theirs? it can't, words equal actions and actions equal words. i'm not hoping to start a revolution, or even change the clubs potential member stiplulations, i simply don't want to be associated with an organization that has their nose stuffed up their white ass of supposed superiority. off course i understand it's their purogative as a private club to include whomever they want for whatever reasons and on the flip side to exclude whomever they want for whatever reasons, but for the life of me i can not comprehend how one human being can suppose himself to be better than another based on the color of skin or religion. i am not suggesting the naivete of an utopia mentality-that we are all the same; that their is no difference between nickleback and radiohead or russo and joe shcmo from art appreciation 101 or the guy in highschool who scored a 200 on his SAT's versus the girl who scored a 1450. i do believe that god created us differently: some to be leaders, some to be followers; some to be inventors, some to be laborers; some to be strong, and some to be weak. we all play a part, we all have our place in the hierarchy of life- sure i get that, but to asses ones worth, to exclude or include one soley from such criteria, and then to believe that hierarchy is based on what color ones skin is or isn't, or, where their grandparents were born or weren' just... unstinken real.

i think about certain scenes from history: the cambodian genocide of 1975, the brutal annihilation of millions of jews in europe during world war 2, the rising of the klu klux klan here in the united states, and i wonder how they ever occured in a civil society. the only conclusion i have reached is that those it did not affect chose to close their eyes and turn their back against blantant injustice and hatred. i'm not meaning to compare country club snobbery to extremes of intolerance...but i can't help but to draw comparisions to those whom claimed to be against segregation but when the therometer hit triple digits they happily swam in the "whites only" pool to myself working at a place that is anti-sematic and racist.

a friend i shared this concern with suggested i write an annymous letter to the club president expressing in a respectful and sincere manner my dismay to thier policies.

i really want to keep this job. i don't want to quit. and yet- i want to be a woman of integrity, i want to stand for the things i believe in and oppose, if only in contradiction, those things i'm agianst. i'm in a pickle of a predicament.


Friday, May 07, 2004

instead of JOEY as the spin off of FRIENDS, what about a series called ENEMIES where everyone hates eachother and is ugly:

it's been an upward battle to try and not post about the last episode of friends. as soon as i logged on, and set my fingers over the keys to write about my apartment searching adventures, i found my thoughts begging to divuldge on how pissed i was that ross and rachel, so predictably, got back togather. but like the cautious blogger i am, i stalled; i logged out and read a few of the usuals, who seemed to have felt the same way i did about the whole thing. now unlike those witty gals over at candied ginger, i have a soft spot for friends. i always have. i also have a soft spot for lizzie maguire so my sitcom palette should be no surprise. however, i am not some blank slate for nbc to piss all over- there is only so much a show can do until the well is dry and the writers are stuck hooking jennifer aniston up with every male cast member, like three or four times until i'm so nauseted that i could give a rats ass if she goes to paris or not or if chandler and monica have monkeys for children. but i was there last night, like all america, tuned in, eating a pizza on the coach, suffering through the collage of flashbacks waiting to watch thelastepisode, and i was excited for it...until rachel walks into ross's apartment and says, "I got off the plane". at the moment i wanted to throw up. so there you have it, i've given in to the desire to bitch about the last episode of friends, once and for all.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

the preliminaries:

first and foremost let me apologize to those of you who were unable to find the humor in the previous post. i do agree that without knowing my sister, the email is quite a bore and so very unworthy of a public pedestal. secondly, allow me to insert a quick disclaimer concerning this post. upon reading it you are likely to speculate that my happiness is solely derived from the facets of materialism and cute shoes. if that likely is really likely in terms that you do believe i am so shallow as to be consumed with lust for that which is purely temperamental self-gratification, well, it's not....entirely (visualize me giving you all a wink-wink). i do not endorse over-indulgence (unless the over-indulgence involves a bag of chocolate covered gummi bears), living beyond your means(unless living beyond your means constitutes having to use pantene pro-v instead of aveda), filling the emptiness in your life with wordily possessions (unless the worldly possession is an i-pod), resorting to shopping for comfort (unless the boy in your life just broke your heart, and now you need some new things to make yourself feel beautiful and wanted if only by the sales lady at saks), and the belittling of those who go to either extreme (exclusion given at bottom of paragraph). god bless the tiva sporting hippies and god bless the burberry empresses. it is my hope that those of you who have read this far and intend to read further understand and if perchance mary kate and ashley look up their names on google and find my site and read this post that they should take this into account as well because the message that their giving young girls is that materialism equals happiness and beauty is found in a bottle of dye and a tube of pink lipstick. which is soooo wrong.

and now:

unlike my persona counterfeits, i, for the vast part, do not like thrift store scavenging. i prefer tiny boutiques where the air is filled with an aroma of vanilla scented candles burning from the window seals, a floor that sparkles the reflection of 18th century french deco wallpaper and neat and tidy shelves lined and filled with dark denim jeans, shirts that button up the sleeve to the neck line, mary janes that tie with pink ribbon; however, oh how unfortunately however, the price tags that dangle from such classic/bohemian-esque pieces in this store of my daydreams, at this point in my life, like love, is the unattainable, the carrot tied to a string luring me to prance onward christian on. and whilst the temptation of an unexplainable need for something...something white/black/grey/or pink arises and the inspiration from the afore nights breezing the pages of fader and the jcrew catalog strikes, i am but putty, and embark to that section of town where taco stands are next to plasma centers(and am here as living proof that the taco stand has pretty good tacos and won't make you sick even though i swore i was doomed) and plasma centers are next to dollar stores and dollar stores are next to salvation army; in hope of finding something white/black/grey/or pink ala vintage extraordinarily cute and most of all, cheap.

such was given to me yesterday, twice. the first purchase i have not a clue on how to describe. it's a top. it's a top that must have belonged to a savana nights dancer circa 1940's. it has ruffles. it's kinda slutty but i've figured out how to get around that whole slutty thing: a blue jean jacket. this one in particular that i just got from buffalo i think it's theory and what i know for sure is that it's hot to trot. my second item(drum role please).....these kick ass vintage neiman marcus high heels. their a soft creme colour, with a maroon ribbon weaving itself around the frame of the shoe and tieing at the toes. but most remarkably, the heels are a deep blue.

rats, gotta go.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i'm going to have to go public with this email....i'm smiling too much to keep this to myself. belle you tickle me pink. love the iternary. must do all.

Missie My Love,

Good morning or afternoon and if this reaches you in the evening time, perhaps a few days from now as internet access is limited for you, then good evening and im so sorry to hear that you have not been able to check your email for the past few days. Ok so I am trying to get a good idea of what to do when im back in Dallas so our mornings are not spent sleeping in and wondering what to do only to discover it's too late to do anything. So I have emailed some people to see when they are able to meet up and am putting some plans together. Actually no one has replied besides Andy who says he can hang out whenever and Brittany who told you we should do something Sunday evening. So. Let us think of when to do what. I need structure just as you, this will help us both.

Here's what I have thus far:
Monday - Meridian Room GR music night thingy with Pleasant Grove playing an acoustic set and half price draughts. Does this sound good to you?
Tuesday - If you bring your asthma inhailer we could go to Ships if you want to, we'll need to find somewhere around there to stay though if not it will be a very late night. Can I entrust you to sort accomodation if this is what you want to do Mon eve?
Wednesday - 1829 so we can say hello to Josh, Marian, Berna, Liz, Zach and that's probably it but still they are nice enough people :)
Thursday -
Friday - I had a feeling something was going on this evening but I think I made that up or it's something in London perhaps... yes it is. Ok what about a nice little birthday dinner/late lunch-early dinner somewhere? After that we can do whatever!
Saturday -
Sunday - I leave.

I want to see an afternoon movie at some point and it would be fun to go to the Modern and have a picnic in the Japanese Gardens and go walking at White Rock Lake or hicking in Cedar Hill. We can basically do the lake any day unless we want to make a whole day out of it inwhich case maybe go like Thursday or Saturday, Cleburne or somewhere like that is good. We could have a game night at some point or a game afternoon at Starbucks like we did last time. Scrabble's in my blood. Thanks. Ok so give me a call if you can or just email me your thoughts. I think Daddy's phone is on so call it if you can.

Hope you are having a great day!!
Love Michelle

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

mental clog

there just is so much to write about and absolutely no time to put my back into it. but i'll try.... the pool opened last friday and despite the fact that it was april and on a school night, the place was, "the place" to be for every highland park family. i became reaquainted with being the boss lady, having highschool kids look up to me and when i'm not looking try to push the envelope, for example: not wearing sunglasses while on stand. now tell me what is so hard with that request?!? i definately have kwame's problem of being too nice, and trusting that if you show someone respect and make them feel like their super important, valueable, intelligent, and capable than they will respect you back and be more willing to do there job....but damn if i wasn't asking them every 5 seconds toooo pleeeaaaseeeee wear their sunglasses on stand even though i understand it makes bad tan lines. kids these days.

ok so that was friday/saturday...

oh yes, saturday night i went out to my favorite metroplex city, cowtown, for a little hifi and socializing. i swear i haven't had that much FUN at a show in ages. kim, kevin, and i made the trip togather, totting along with us very preciuos cargo(the forgotten bass). once arrived i was greeted by a thousand different friendly faces, most of which i hadn't seen in quite some time, so as can be imagined i was thrilled; joyed to consume vodka/7 after vodka/7, catching up, recieving big, huge, warm hugs; looking at pictures of jon sch's new baby, and off course, during the course in which the band took the stage, raising fists of appreciation and pleasure high in the air.

i lost my asthma inhaler sunday night while staying with a girlfriend with a fury allergy ridden feline specimen. which to put in words as briefly as possible, sucked butt.

but then yesterday all was redeemed as i blazed flames of fire down la prada on mrs.e's bike. and between you and i, jon is really out of shape and needs to take a lesson from me on how to go up hills without having to walk....or was that me?!? (wink-wink)

and yes things between jon and i have changed, not outwardly but inwardly.

i'll leave that.

here are pics of sweet destiny in cyprus.