Tuesday, May 25, 2004

lost another one to rolling over

cheesy commercial spoofing, indeed, i just resorted to a ditech commercial for the title. oh lord.

an accident occured yesterday. i rolled over on the bed, unaware that i had taken off my shades just moments before, onto my shades i had just taken off moments before. brand spanking new sunglasses bought from target for $20.00 now sitting in the trash can next to me-in pieces. they didn't even make it a month.

jon and i spent the remainder of that day price comparing tents, sleeping bags, and hiking shoes for his big move up north. he also wanted to buy a pair of back up sunglasses as cool as the ones he has now. the same pair he has had since the day i met him, two years ago, leaning against andy's suv wearing a thrift store tee that someone in the 70's purchased during a vacation to jamacia, perfectly snug jeans, his old faithful sneakers that look as if they had stories of their own, and those green tinted fossil shades. those same shades that accompanied us to sante fe, enchanted rock, austin, matinees, bike rides, weddings, and a moon bounce party. those same shades that have seen at least seven pairs of different shades on me.

then today at work while i organized the lost and found tubs i came upon a pair of really cool sunglasses begging to be worn; perhaps to be the sunglasses that will hide my farewell tears for those green tinted fossil shades that are moving so far away and the new pair i have yet to make memories with.

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