Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i'm going to have to go public with this email....i'm smiling too much to keep this to myself. belle you tickle me pink. love the iternary. must do all.

Missie My Love,

Good morning or afternoon and if this reaches you in the evening time, perhaps a few days from now as internet access is limited for you, then good evening and im so sorry to hear that you have not been able to check your email for the past few days. Ok so I am trying to get a good idea of what to do when im back in Dallas so our mornings are not spent sleeping in and wondering what to do only to discover it's too late to do anything. So I have emailed some people to see when they are able to meet up and am putting some plans together. Actually no one has replied besides Andy who says he can hang out whenever and Brittany who told you we should do something Sunday evening. So. Let us think of when to do what. I need structure just as you, this will help us both.

Here's what I have thus far:
Monday - Meridian Room GR music night thingy with Pleasant Grove playing an acoustic set and half price draughts. Does this sound good to you?
Tuesday - If you bring your asthma inhailer we could go to Ships if you want to, we'll need to find somewhere around there to stay though if not it will be a very late night. Can I entrust you to sort accomodation if this is what you want to do Mon eve?
Wednesday - 1829 so we can say hello to Josh, Marian, Berna, Liz, Zach and that's probably it but still they are nice enough people :)
Thursday -
Friday - I had a feeling something was going on this evening but I think I made that up or it's something in London perhaps... yes it is. Ok what about a nice little birthday dinner/late lunch-early dinner somewhere? After that we can do whatever!
Saturday -
Sunday - I leave.

I want to see an afternoon movie at some point and it would be fun to go to the Modern and have a picnic in the Japanese Gardens and go walking at White Rock Lake or hicking in Cedar Hill. We can basically do the lake any day unless we want to make a whole day out of it inwhich case maybe go like Thursday or Saturday, Cleburne or somewhere like that is good. We could have a game night at some point or a game afternoon at Starbucks like we did last time. Scrabble's in my blood. Thanks. Ok so give me a call if you can or just email me your thoughts. I think Daddy's phone is on so call it if you can.

Hope you are having a great day!!
Love Michelle

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