Friday, May 07, 2004

instead of JOEY as the spin off of FRIENDS, what about a series called ENEMIES where everyone hates eachother and is ugly:

it's been an upward battle to try and not post about the last episode of friends. as soon as i logged on, and set my fingers over the keys to write about my apartment searching adventures, i found my thoughts begging to divuldge on how pissed i was that ross and rachel, so predictably, got back togather. but like the cautious blogger i am, i stalled; i logged out and read a few of the usuals, who seemed to have felt the same way i did about the whole thing. now unlike those witty gals over at candied ginger, i have a soft spot for friends. i always have. i also have a soft spot for lizzie maguire so my sitcom palette should be no surprise. however, i am not some blank slate for nbc to piss all over- there is only so much a show can do until the well is dry and the writers are stuck hooking jennifer aniston up with every male cast member, like three or four times until i'm so nauseted that i could give a rats ass if she goes to paris or not or if chandler and monica have monkeys for children. but i was there last night, like all america, tuned in, eating a pizza on the coach, suffering through the collage of flashbacks waiting to watch thelastepisode, and i was excited for it...until rachel walks into ross's apartment and says, "I got off the plane". at the moment i wanted to throw up. so there you have it, i've given in to the desire to bitch about the last episode of friends, once and for all.

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