Tuesday, May 04, 2004

mental clog

there just is so much to write about and absolutely no time to put my back into it. but i'll try.... the pool opened last friday and despite the fact that it was april and on a school night, the place was, "the place" to be for every highland park family. i became reaquainted with being the boss lady, having highschool kids look up to me and when i'm not looking try to push the envelope, for example: not wearing sunglasses while on stand. now tell me what is so hard with that request?!? i definately have kwame's problem of being too nice, and trusting that if you show someone respect and make them feel like their super important, valueable, intelligent, and capable than they will respect you back and be more willing to do there job....but damn if i wasn't asking them every 5 seconds toooo pleeeaaaseeeee wear their sunglasses on stand even though i understand it makes bad tan lines. kids these days.

ok so that was friday/saturday...

oh yes, saturday night i went out to my favorite metroplex city, cowtown, for a little hifi and socializing. i swear i haven't had that much FUN at a show in ages. kim, kevin, and i made the trip togather, totting along with us very preciuos cargo(the forgotten bass). once arrived i was greeted by a thousand different friendly faces, most of which i hadn't seen in quite some time, so as can be imagined i was thrilled; joyed to consume vodka/7 after vodka/7, catching up, recieving big, huge, warm hugs; looking at pictures of jon sch's new baby, and off course, during the course in which the band took the stage, raising fists of appreciation and pleasure high in the air.

i lost my asthma inhaler sunday night while staying with a girlfriend with a fury allergy ridden feline specimen. which to put in words as briefly as possible, sucked butt.

but then yesterday all was redeemed as i blazed flames of fire down la prada on mrs.e's bike. and between you and i, jon is really out of shape and needs to take a lesson from me on how to go up hills without having to walk....or was that me?!? (wink-wink)

and yes things between jon and i have changed, not outwardly but inwardly.

i'll leave that...at that.

here are pics of sweet destiny in cyprus.

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