Wednesday, April 28, 2004

alot of nuthin.

it began monday, the arrival of a random email from an old friend in my inbox and each day another follows suit. an absoluetly wonderful suprise but kinda weird at the same time, i wonder if thiers something about this time of the year that reminds people of me, or, maybe some saucy gossip is circulating the inner circles of dallas and it's surrounding cities about me. it's too out of the blue to be taken without some sort of curiousity.

this afternoon i spoke to my mothers 2nd grade class about pool safety and what it means to be a lifegaurd. i swear i've never felt so cool in my life than i did when i looked into those 2nd graders eyes. with hands stretched eagerly high into the air they asked me questions and tolled me stories, one by one i answered such pertinant inquiries such as: "what if your in a pool and theirs a stray dog in it too and it's trying to bite you and the lifeguard doesn't see it?", and then, "what if the lifeguard gets lost and your lost too, who then should i go to?". michelle was a featured attraction too; handing out british candy and post cards with picturesque images of the thames river, drilling them on the translation of british slang words, and answereing her own set of questions in which she was asked if she knew the queen.

we left from their with plans of playing with our new boom paddles at the beach but massive globs of seaweed, grey skies, and high winds put a kink into our boom.

i went to go develop my disposable camera but accidentally developed michelles that only had nine pictures on it. she was really cool about it and instead of huffing and puffing since she did ask me prior to dropping it off if i had the right one, she laughed and said it was a missie thing to do. and it is.

on the way home we listened to snow patrol and the leaves. i'm really serious about learning how to play the bass and michelle is going to learn how to play the electrical guitar. i want to be in a band like snow patrol or the doves but i'm afraid that the greatness of songs such as "run" would leave me sobbing. michelles funny, she thinks she would start smashing shit. wouldn't that be a sight; me crying from being moved so mightly and her pushing over the drum kit with the mike stand from being moved so mightly.

we were in charge of dinner tonight and fixed one hell of a feast: rotassier chicken, glazed carrots, garlic mashed potatoes, hummus with red peppers and cucumbers. and even though my dad is on that crazy no carb diet he still paid homage to the fact his two girls slaved over the stove for a hour by taking both a serving of the carrots and potatoes.

i'm suprised at how fun this week has been considering monday. perspective and understanding has been swift, and having my best friend to drag me off the computer and too the hot tub....


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