Monday, April 05, 2004

nut shell

this weekend i went to the deep ellum arts festival. i bought a hand-sown very cool purse from one of the venders and while waiting for the next band to take the stage i heard some ol skool, hip swinging, head bopping, feet tapping, accleration of the blood pumping through the arties of my heart, morressy, making bee lines through the speakers and onto the street filled with corn dog stands neighboring a black and white photographers stand situated adjucant to a herbs and candel stand. it was beautiful. the sun shine. the feeling of community. morressy being played. people walking their dogs. dogs walking their people. though i could have done without the over-whelming come back of aviator sunglasses on every. poser. scenester. walking their dogs drinking beer, sharing the moment with me. i saw the danes and they were great. i left. i came back. saw the tah-blahs and wanted to vomit . then left to go see air by myself and was blown away with the light show and the music but i was tired and unwilling to spend 50million dollars on a beer so i left while the crowd was cheering for an encore and speed back to the festival and caught the later portion of the fatal flying guittons. my socks were effin rocked off. goddddddd everyone reading this needs to make it a priority to see this band. it was a day of music, of moving boxes, of grilled cheese sandwhiches from the allgood with the fab ec, of being mistaken as an austinite-twice, of running into people i hadn't seen in, what seems like ages but in reality is more like a year, and finding out that some are engaged, some are snorting coke, some who are still as witty and funny as i remember them, some who haven't changed a damn bit, and some who have beyond the point of recognition. that was my saturday, in a nut shell.

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