Monday, April 12, 2004

reverting under the texas sun

remember how fabulous our red toe nail polish looked against the bronze of our feet? it was our saving grace from the hideous tan lines those sport back suits gave us and it was quite a sight of grace i must admit. add a toe ring and we were invinsible. the coolness of spring is already transforming to a stingy heat, you can feel it as you climb into your car; the doom that is to come, those days of 110 degree weather, in no time. it's no secret here on starsailing what a mess i'm in. my father and i did some brain storming the other day as to why, because, you can't fix a problem until you understand the reason for it. and so we sat here in the guest bedroom, me on the chair and him on the floor, discussing the different variables and resolutions to each one presented. but i'll spare you. i've come to the conclusion that perhaps spending a summer back on stand might not be such a bad idea. i was good at it. it was something i enjoyed and excelled in. i gave it up because it was always something i related to the notion of youth, a very short term occupation, to assist me finicially for the time being. i guess i'm reverting in hope that it'll assist me finicially for the time being, again. going backwards depresses me but on the flip side i get to save lives and acheive having feet worthy of pedicures and sandals.


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