Friday, April 09, 2004

eerie. pun intended.

i was running: my feet, each glide, gracing the air above the ground, speedily past identical, multiple corridors to the pull of a piece of yarn string attached around my finger; squeezing so tightly i thought that perhaps my finger was going to fall off and this thought increasing my speed, faster and faster till i reached the end of the string and their, they took a needle-long and sharp, dripping from it's pointy tip with a unknown liquid and injected it into my ear. at that point i woke up. this dream took place about a week ago and a few days later i noticed swelling in my ear; a discomfort and the inability to stick a ear swab into it. it's swollen shut. do you think maybe a spider bite me in me ear during rem? or is it some sort of infection? comments please.

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