Monday, April 19, 2004

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my post.

and i'm in one of those moods where everything i write, i delete. so rather than waste another hour on a post i'll most likely send to the abyss of aborted thoughts, i figure a list will able to escape my itchy fingers.

yesterday involved:
- a morning fight that endowed me with the worst headache i can remember having in forever.
- okra, dr.pepper, and a check for $1.76
- a big blue ball that seemed to fall from heaven. i'm not joking. jon and i were walking to toby's studio when out of nowhere this huge blue ball comes bouncing with great speed and passes our path. i thought i was seeing things until jon looked back at me with the same face of perplexed amusement and shock.
- a winning scrabble score of 437.
- black rebel motorcycle club...yoozzers!!!!

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