Thursday, January 11, 2007

of all the days to be without a phone...

there is some catching up to do here. so much has happened; and the verbage "so much" has never seemed so sincere, honestly, so much. just this morning i was eating my breakfast looking at conrad in his 'bounce baby bounce' blabbering away at me his B's and i flashed back to not that long ago to similar mornings to the same baby who at the time was just nailing the smiling thing. the rate to which he develops is dizzing: in one day he went from despising tummy time-crying, face planting-to lifting himself up on his forearms and attempting to bring his legs underneath himself, making little scoots as he inches along with his fingers on the floor. the day this happened i began baby proofing of the house, i don't think it'll be too much longer till he is crawling, and heavens, when that day occurs i fear for anything in his hands reach: the kiddo short circuited my cell phone yesterday after getting ahold of it and doing some serious slobbering all over it and into the battery. you've never seen such a sight!

it really is beginning to feel more like a relationship than merely nurturing. for example: at night, before bed, jon and i take turns checking of the nighttime ritual list. jon kicks us off with playing his bass for conrad followed by me reading conrad a few books then, which ever one of us can or wants to, takes him into his room where we have the lights dimmed and we sit on the floor in front of his stuffed animal collection and say goodnight to all the crew: Pablo the Puppy, Ella the Elephant, Bosworth the Bear, Noel the Lamb, Raul the Rabbit, Alan the Alligator, Olivia the Pig, and Tully the Second Puppy. afterwards, i coddle conrad in the nursing chair and sing to him until he doozes off. lately, he has begun to hum along. there are countless other instances where it is becoming increasingly apparent we are no longer solely entertaining him but moreso, interacting/engaging with him.

i'm looking at him right now sitting on the floor(unassisted!) totally zoned into Seaseme Street. i can't wait till cookie monster's segment, conrad gets this silly grin and laughs at the sight of that wobbly eyed cookie munching puppet. not to negate from the wiggle magic, they can still hold his attention, somewhat. i think word came his way that the yellow one is retiring and as such has dampered his spirits because he hasn't been the same with the jirating foursome for a few weeks now.

as of a week or so ago his new object of affection has become a spatula. this could be partially(or largely) due to my feeble attempts at keeping him happy while i try to cook by handing him random kitchen appliances, knives excluded. i even carry one with me in my purse and have a spare in his diaper bag, a spatula that is.

though getting out and about is becoming much more difficult now that it is in the 30's. i really am missing our walks around town and our daily Target excursions. when i do get us all bundled and loaded into the car it's usually to the mall where i end up spending money i didn't plan to so as much as i like the change of scenery the pocket book is taking an unfortunate and unexpected diet from it.

we are thinking and talking about taking a trip to the town jon grew up in next month. it would be one of leisure but also one with the intention for me to check out the town to see if i would want to move there. we (i) need to go somewhere not medford and since jon insists we can't move to san diego till we have millions this is a place we might both like. i thought we covered all that ground before we said "we do" but i'm finding out all wasn't as specific as it should have been. but then again, it's hard to know the unknowable, ya know?!?