Tuesday, March 30, 2004

a post i lost in the hustle and bustle

it's a really sad thing opinions have such a negative contotation to them because i have some really strong opinions that for the most part must be, out of fear of offensive or the possible perception that sir stranger does not know me and in some cases the super-sensative that does knows me but whom does not understand me and therefore should mistake this valour of my personality as closed mindness or the belief that i think myself to always be right, tucked secretly away in-between my lips. it's like that akward 5 minuetes after a movie when your left still sitting in the loapsided swing back maroon and milk dud stained chairs pretending to read the credits out of fear that while you hated the movie; found it to be a slap in the face concerning your intellect and defination of entertainment, your movie compadre was moved to tears; was filled with warm fuzzies and, now, not pretending to be reading the credits, they are actually too muzzled with awe to leave just yet and so they sit and you sit...in silence dulled by the finale song of the soundtrack. my father is the opposite of this, he looks for contradiction like a dog seeks out the hidden bone in the newly planted garden, he peeks and pokes until an opposition to his opinion has surfaced and head in he can dive. but i recall the frustration and aggreviation this would cause me and so i try to be, a little more, sensative.

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