Wednesday, March 10, 2004

i didn't think i'd have time to do this until, like, forever and ever and ever because i'm working alot, like, two shifts a day, alot. which feels good until my feet start pounding and then it doesn't feel so good. it feels like my feet are hurting because, well, they are...then, but not now. right now i am at the good records waiting for the man of the happy hour to get back from the dog park and go out for ritas with me before the happines leaves the hour and i must endure another two seconds of whatever sucky ass band is playing an in-store. i want to go see a movie tonight. not the passion of christ but starcksy and hutch. i love owen wilson and i love ben stiller and i love using the word love when really i mean, "i like them as actors much more than other actors that i kinda like".

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