Saturday, March 27, 2004

Actual Dialouge With A Stranger Here at the Library Yesterday:

Mrs. Pentecostal- (after seeing me pick up the dvd to season 4 of sex and the city) So do you like shows that glorify sex?

Me- (after a look of puzzlement) Absolutely!!!

Mrs. Pentecostal- Well that's just sad. This is a sick,sick world (then she storms off).

Me- (giggle then make my way to the counter with the dvd if not for anything but out of spite for her noisiness. i thought about this for a good 5 minuetes after our encounter and i realized just how sad and boring her life must be being so closed minded as to not be able to understand the true theme of sitc and the fact her and Mr.Pentecostal probably haven't had sex since their wedding night. poor thing.)

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