Tuesday, March 16, 2004

welcome sunshine

i think i'll go walking. a nice long walk around the neighborhood and to my coffee sancturary, perhaps, with Lightening and a book. it's absolutely gorgeous outside. i drove by the tennis courts on my way here and thought of who i could call to join me in a fierce match later. but i couldn't think of anyone expect for my sister across the big blue. unlike myself, belle, is a fine tennis player. i imagine i'm amusing to watch. i've been known to put a truck driver to shame with my speech and warp a racket from time to time; really though that was years and years ago, i'd like to believe that at 24, i could handle sucking in grace.

i think i got the axe from deep sushi and in perfect timing too. it's that time of the year for austin to sprawl in new music and great music and for me to be there for it all. that's right my long distance friends-sxsw and i'm just 2.5 hrs away. i haven't wanted to get my hopes up about it so i still have no idea who exactly is playing but i know the spree is and snow patrol is, and oh yes, taylor is playing a showcase with tv on the radio!!! thinking out loud: will the stills be there too?!? have you heard that albumn, "logic will break your heart" ? i'm sure you have it seems i lost my prophetic forsight and now i lay on the wayside always the last to know about new great bands.

i remember having parachutes memoriozed before any of my indie-rock friends had a clue who coldplay was. same with the doves and elbow and starsailor.

oh the good ol days of wasting money on import singles and import music magazines.

UNCUT is still my favorite. the magazine comes with a promo cd of all the bands they've reviewed and so your not stuck buying cds that you think you'll like because it names their refernces as the spaceman 3 and sonic boom but ends up sounding like the happy mondays. (no disrespect intended).

so cross your fingers for me that on friday morning i'll be peeling out of dallas heading south on i-35. and that my new job at the cosmic cafe will embrace my anglo-saxon ethnicity as i embrace their hindu heritage.

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