Friday, May 14, 2004

let it be

it occured to me the morning i woke up to the ghastly sight on my chin that somethings should just let be. i'm one of those people (and i'd assume their are more than myself)who like to stare intently at themselves in the mirror while brushing their teeth, and it was while doing so as i prepared for bed that i noticed an emerging blemish on my chin. after i spit, rinsed, and had a closer look, my fear was confirmed. it was indeed a baby zit just waiting for my next chocolate fix to grow into the monster i knew it wanted to be and so, i took action. unfortunately, i took home remedy action: one of those tips out of a chic magazine, like how to get shinier hair by saturating it with raw eggs or to exfoliate lips, dampen your tooth brush then with the tooth brush make circular motions across your lips.

somewhere at some point in some magazine some moron wrote that applying tooth paste to a zit acted in the same manner in which clearasil did. and maybe if you use clearasil to brush your teeth it works just great, but for those of us who use toms all natural toothpaste, well, yah it works sureright but with a price.

see, the morning after this technique was applied, my zit was gone but instead of the soft and spotless skin i was hoping to find there was a huge burn hiding itself under the flaky toothpaste on my chin. that was six days ago and in the course of the past six days i've probably been asked ten times, " gee what happened to your chin?", off course while they stare it at with utter horror and disgust. and to make it even worse is knowing that had i just left baby zit alone my chin would be soft and spotless by now; that i could feel as cute as my outfit is suggesting i should feel. pink eyelet skirt, nude tank top with lace around the edges, and brown flip flops just doesn't mesh well with weird looking burn on the chin.

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