Wednesday, May 12, 2004

inexcusably apathetic:

i've been a horrible, horrible conservative lately. too often i realize i've allowed the press to think for me. i've sat on my hands of rational thinking(that is when i can feel my hands at all). i've used so much of the time i once devouted to understanding and being informed about current events for analyzing my own personal problems and ordeals because, frankly, those don't involve the decapitation of an innocent civilian or any other facet of war. sure the personal is sometimes chaotic and unpleasant but never has it consisted of violence or inhumanity. after 9/11 i wanted a break and maybe i needed it; caring is something i can't do in moderation and so such catastrophic or incomprehensible acts of hatred are often too debilitating to my rainbows and unicorns wishful assiduity. but i'm really thankful for the blogosphere-it knows when to direct my feet back to planet earth even if i prefer them to be floating in space with the verve. it offers me this tiny window with an enormous view that takes my breathe away and then blows it right back in, backfiring with refreshement and perspective.

so thanks-

annika , moxie , and candy girl.

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