Sunday, May 23, 2004

glee with a capital g

i've always had this idea of what i wanted my wedding to be like- i want it to be chill, laid back, with great music, lots of friends and family, mexican food and margaritas. no high heels, no tuxes, no classical music, no roses, no davids bridal, no church, and absolutely no washing eachothers feet or lighting candles of unity.

yesterday out in kemp, texas my idea was done up right.

it was perfect; the breeze coming off the lake, the way the groom drew close his beaming bride before the minister had finished, the ring bearer dressed up as charlie chaplin, sonic boom as the song for their first dance as husband and wife, and just the overall sensation that they knew what it was all about. eachother. love. the type of love the beatles sang about. the type of love i see when my father looks at my mother. the type of love that is so rare.

i've never felt a congratulations to be more deserved, escpecially after seven hours of margarita consumption.

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