Sunday, May 23, 2004


it's an universal rule that the only way to complete a great saturday is to wake up sunday and go to brunch and the only way to start a great sunday is to go to brunch. so either way, brunch is pretty much a must. and since yesterday was the utopia of saturdays the only thing that made sense to me was going up to terrillis for a few mimosas and a plate of french toast. off course any day is subject to be foiled-it only takes a kink in the day planner such as work, or, car keys left in a friends truck that is inaccesible. as luck wouldn't have it, i was dealt both. which put me in the hot seat at work because my title gives me no room for mistakes and being late to work is 'totally unacceptable' even though i spent all morning busting my ass trying to make sure things would be cool without me their for a hour. which caused me to not be in the mood for work because; first of all, it was technically my day off(though i did offer to come in for a few hours so one of the guards could go to a party that was, "like super important to all seniors"); secondly because i loathe making mistakes and even more being scorned for making a mistake i'm already pissed off at myself for making; and most of all, because i wanted to waste my sunday morning and afternoon outside on the patio of terrillis enjoying this beautiful weather and my beautiful life.

but i went to work. i went and smiled and tried to smooth things over. i went and met the new lifeguards and showed them how an extraction is really done. i went and then as soon as i could, i left. now, the day is almost over and despite that it is, my enthusiasm for celebrating it has yet to fade.

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