Thursday, April 03, 2008

here is just a fraction of the pictures i took. i'm still waiting for the ones his aunt and grampa took. i'll be creating a special Whales Vagina folder for the slew of them.

this picture was taken after the one right below it. i was asking conrad to smile for the camera and he gave the below look as the flash snapped-then, as if knowing exactly what he was doing when he gave me that derrr pose, started laughing at himself. luckily i was able to take a picture for proof.

derr pose.

california has some of the best playgrounds. this one was surrounded by palm trees on a cliff.

me in front of my ocean front dream house in la jolla. unfortunately, it's a historical society building.

"wow" was his favorite word of the trip.

conrad and aunt jessica at the beach.

by the end of the day we all looked like that.

conrad doing his elephant sign. which also was his favorite animal of the day.

i think him and the turtles had a connection.

above the zoo.

this picture is definately out of order.

conrad above the zoo in his uncles arms.

in the bird sancturay.

almost looking so it counts.

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