Monday, March 24, 2008

bar none, this was my busiest weekend since i moved to the northwest three years ago. and even before the weekend hit it seems i was nothing but a busy body hoping from one activity, one chore, one to-do to another. i'd love nothing more than to take today to stop and catch my breath but tomorrow is our big trip to san diego and i still have way too much to do to even consider such a far-fetched dream. before the lifting of boxes and furniture for the yard sale shahala and i did on saturday, and before the uphill hike at raine falls, and maybe even before the swimming, the playdates, the grocery shopping, the feverish cleaning, entertaining, laundry, and wrestling with a toddler, i developed a hernia. it's killer first thing in the morning and anytime i get going too fast. yesterday i just had to stop and sit and let my mother in law do all the post dinner cleaning.

well here are a few pictures from some of our weekend, completely out of order:

this is what conrad decided easter eggs were good for: baseball practice.

finding an egg, the little eggert.

i perhaps hide them too well.

blowing bubbles at easter sunday service in the park.

too cute, i swear.

when he wasn't gnawing on it's ear he was hugging it.

jon and pete jumped in the river. momentarily. it was 42 degrees. yah.

not my best picture, but my only belly picture so far this pregnancy.

watching the dog.

the group.

before conrad fell in the river face first and got his shirt all wet.
men with babies.

getting started.

my boy. all boy.

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