Wednesday, March 12, 2008

previous experience is telling me the current size of my abdomen isn't big, big is being nine months pregnant and not being able to shave your legs because of it. still, looking at my belly, looking in the mirror, i feel big. my mother in law heard the cry of my clothing needs and bought out the juniors clearance section at macy's. thank goodness for her and the lingering current style of tunic-esque tops. unlike my pregnancy with conrad this time i feel adequately attired. speaking of looking at my belly and all.

this friday is my sonogram and needless to say i'm giddy with anticipation in finding out if IT is a boy or a girl. i had a dream the other night It was a boy and i couldn't remember the labor because of hypno-birthing ( my alternative to traditional prenatal classes and pain medication, and hopefully, something i won't regret. ever since the episode with the flu shot i've really really started to re-think traditional medicine-and while i'm not willing to give up one for the other i definately want to start adding more naturalistic practices into our health care routine and needs. though i'll definately be having the baby at the hospital. conrad's birth was way too scary to think it would be safe and wise to do this next one at a birthing center...though cheaper, that's for damn sure).

earlier today conrad and i went to the shoe store and then to harry and david's next store-i had bought conrad his summer shoes and then my mother her mother's day present. that makes three bags plus a little 19th month old i always carry when going through parking lots. i knew there was No Way i could do it. in harry and david's conrad had stood in front/under me pushing the cart around; people commented on my little helper, old ladies cooed, and conrad seemed elated at this new found independence i was allowing him. back out in the parking lot, three bags in hand, staring down at my ever independent child, i asked conrad to carry a bag with one hand and then with his other hand to hold very tightly to my hand. for the past few months i've been stressing the NO on parking lots and the street, so when conrad heard the invitation i was giving him he gladly gave me his hand with a tight squeeze and took the bag with the other. we walked through that parking lot mom and little helper. i've never been more proud of him!

i've been meaning to do a Daily Discovery or Weekly Discovery blog post to journal conrad's random and adorable discoveries. last week was the usefulness of pockets. jon had put a rock in conrad's coat pocket and a little light bulb went on over conrad's head. now when we're outside playing or on a walk he'll find a rock and put it his pocket-some pockets are easier than others, but it's a thrill for conrad to pull that rock out at random intervals, look at it, then place it back in his pocket. unfortunately, yesterday he discovered Barney. i won't elaborate, it's painful to think about let alone rehash.

and here are two of the five pictures i've taken in the past few weeks.

conrad and zion trying to climb a tree.

yes, yes, and yes we found a bbq place on our way to salem.

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