Tuesday, March 18, 2008

elvira nails scratching down a green chalk board, stepping in a pool of unidentified something with socks on, half way through a recipe when you realize your one egg shy, being in the midst of a poopy diaper change, in a store dressing room none the less, when you realize you forgot to pack baby wipes...

for me, yesterday was like a tangible form of all those things; went to bed too late, woke up too early, conrad refused to nap, it was rainy and cold so we were inside ALL day, and jon didn’t get home till almost 6. it was the sort of day, if i wasn’t pregnant, i would have gotten my drink on at 6:01pm and not a minute later, then maybe on the way home from the bar throw some eggs out the car window at garden gnomes and bird feeders. perhaps run around the neighborhood in only a pair of socks, the purple fuzzy ones my gramma got me for christmas last year-they’re super comfy, just for the hell of it. and then another drink. but since i am pregnant and therefore unable to drink enough tequilla to excuse any such behavior, i made dinner, watched jon and conrad throw one another off the bed, and then went to barnes and noble, bought a book about toddlers, and then came home to find both my husband and child asleep on the coach with elmo’s world playing in the back ground.

this morning i woke up determined to have a different sort of day. or a stiff drink. so i made plans to meet a friend at the mall so conrad could burn steam at the indoor playground, we went swimming before that, and once we got home, at 3pm, i was beginning to believe he just might be ready for his nap. a nap he hasn’t taken in days.

touch down. birth defect avoided.

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