Friday, August 13, 2004


i sat in court the other day and made up a list of things that make me want to puke. number one on the list is having to pick up freshly dropped doggy doo. with number two being men in overalls. number three is men with hairy backs and/or necks. though the thought of men with hairy backs in overalls could easily climb to the top of the list if i ever saw such a sight.

and on a less nauseting note: while walking around the lake yesterday, i overheard a man tell a woman on the bench beside him, "i'm ready to open up my heart; show you my secrets, and let you in."

oh yes, i got pulled over by a policeman the other night after work for speeding. earlier in the evening one of my tables bought me a lovely shot of patron that i so graciosly consumed. off course, i'm a honest to goodness girl, so when the officer asked me if i had been drinking, i ansewerd, "indeed", so he made me get out of my car and look at this little pen with a red light on the end. i wasn't drunk by any means and he let me go ticket free.

and that's all i have time for.

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