Tuesday, August 10, 2004

patience my ass

i woke up early this morning so that i could have enough time to buy my ticket to oregon and new york, work out, and clean out my car before work. three stinken hours later, i'm still sitting here at the computer trying to figure this bullshit out. it all started when in the middle of printing out my itenary i recieved an email from yahoo travel informing me that my cancellation was succesful and if applicable the insurance plan i bought would reimburse me for the cost of the airfare. but the thing is, i never cancelled my flight nor did i want to. so i called the help hotline that was in the email and after being on hold for a brief spell they gave me another number to call, and after being on hold for over a hour with carribean music blaring in my ear and a periodical intermission message from some guy with a bad english accent thanking me for being so patient and reassuring me that a representive would be with me shortly, i was given another number. to which i thought the problem was finally resolved. but when i got back on-line to print out my confirmation reciept i found that there is no such record of my reservation. i just now off got phone with customer service again; but because companies have moved their calling centers to india or sri lanki, places where most of the employees are still in english 101, i couldn't understand a damn word the lady said. by this point i'm so frustrated, i can't help but to cry.


Michelle said...

Boo im so sorry about the plane ticket confusion. Airlines customer service has gone down the shyte hole, they dont care that we're paying hundreds of $$ for an overcrowded plane. Sigh. So is it resolved? When are you going where?

Missie Rose said...

well ms.short term memory,

i'm going to new york and to oregon. i'm going to touch the tip of a mountain with my tongue then off to see snow patrol in my high heels. i'm going to take a much needed 9day vacation from one side of coast to the other. i wish you could come. but we'll have mexico soon.