Sunday, August 29, 2004

free-will allows, and thus permits, me to make mistakes-to be bad; to call in sick to work when really i'm wanting for a day to sleep in, go to terrillis for brunch, sit by the pool and do some serious flipping in Galileos Daughter(the best book i've read since Kavalier and Clay),ride my bike around the lake with tiffany, then go see Thin Lizzy later in the evening. free-will is like your first semester in college, when faced with the option, and despite your parents and advisors heed that you don't have to go unless you want to but you'll fail if you don't, you don't. but free-will also permits me to prove myself a hard worker, dedicated, loyal, mature, and virteous. if i called in tomorrow, no one would falter or be burdened by it. if i called in tomorrow, i wouldn't notice the days deduction in my upcoming paycheck. if i called in tomorrow, it would be my first time to do so this summer(apart from the "worst day of my life").if i called in tomorrow, i would get the recommended dose of shut-eye. though, if i called in tomorrow, i would lie and that is something, at all costs, and not because of my virtue but fear of becoming succumb to it, i try to avoid as if it was the black plague. the alarm clock is set to awake me in 5.5hours; and likewise, it is also set to determine my true character.


Michelle said...

So..... did you go to work?

Missie Rose said...

indeed, i did. :)