Monday, August 09, 2004

____________(fill in your name here), watch the stars.

"The culmination will come after the sun goes down Wednesday, when Earth may plow through a virgin field of Civil War-era comet dust, swelling the numbers of meteors."

come wednesday night, you'll find me blazing down mckinney avenue, tossing my black heels out of the car window as i put the pedal to the medal in hopes that i can get far enough away to witness this sprinkling of celestial debris.

the only kicker is i can't think of anyone to bring along with me for this experience. it's too bad my new friend will be in chicago. she seems like the type to jump all over such an adventure. last night we closed down xpo then made everyone leaving lay on the ground with us to look at the sky above. i was pretty drunk, so was she, but even in my sober state of admittance, i would do it all over again in a heart beat. even the dancing to new order.

i've had a pretty intense headache all day. this headache occurs every time my roomie smokes in the house at night. not only does it suck waking up and needing to shield my face in the covers, or that my hair sometimes reaks like an ashtray on high, but that not even aleve can combat the throbbing in my cranium.


i have to remind myself there are greater woes in the world to be upset about; like those 5 immigrants, while attempting to enter the us, died from heat exhaustion in the arizona dessert. that makes me want to cry.

it's all about perspective and lavender incense, i suppose.

if things become unbearable, i found a tiny apartment above a restaraunt in uptown for $350. i'd go ahead and relocate there now but i'm super worn out from constantly moving. it would be nice to stay put somewhere for at least half a year before i take the effort to put everything back into boxes.

the end.


EC said...

and you say dallas sucks. we would never get such a treat under the bright lights of the big city. pew.

Michelle said...

I saw stars last Friday night at Danson Park. It was after the last Soul in the City concert for Southeast London, the last one I will ever do. And in complete exhaustion I fell on the green grass and when I opened my eyes to my amazement (for in London you dont see many stars as im sure New York is the same) stars filled the dark blue sky. It was a moment I will always remember.

(Sorry im listening to Snow Patrol at the same time and im really sad...)

Missie Rose said...

ok, fine-dallas doesn't suck. it just pales in comparison when i read what you are able to entertain yourself with there in the big apple. and belle, i swear, when your sad, your absolutely beautiful!!!!

White Russian said...

I want to take this opportunity and let Mishelle know (missie you too) that I will be in London 27-30 August.
If you give me you numbers and all I will definately call you and talk if meeting you would be a problem.
I am going there to meet my man and his friends. I would really like to see you, girl.

Missie Rose said...

cool era. gee i wish i could be there too for the rendevous. when are you coming back to the us? and who's this boy? i should move this to an email. :)

EC said...

no, keep it here.

did you see the meteor shower missie?