Thursday, August 12, 2004

"she sits right down to find the one to show, it's a beautiful day."

on my way driving back from the city of euless municipal court i stopped at the record store. now i understand, the event that happened next is unforgivable, but rob gordon if you would, look deep in your heart and try because even though i'm a two faced hypocrite, i love you none the less, and if not in action then in words, is still loyal none the less; neverless, at the end of the day/long drive down and back up i35, i am someone who couldn't resist themselves from buying the new polyphonic spree album.

the engine is off. the windows are down. a muggy breeze passes through the driver side straight out the passenger side stopping for a brief second to play with my hair. i'm sitting in the drive way, past the windshield the leaves are dancing in the street as if they knew i want it to be fall and they too have ears and have soul. i'm extremely conscious of the moment being cheesy and sappy but i can't resist it- life and the music are both beautiful; happy; the words relative, necessary, too often forgotten or empty. i want to lavish in the sound for eternity upon eternity upon eternity. my head is light and my tummy full of white robbed butterflies. track number 6 is playing. i cry because i understand, but really, i think it's because the week of the month it is.

"it means a lot to find it so easy/ it takes a lot to find yourself way down."


SJ said...

HELLO miss-miss!! I am here alive and ready to be out of Japan. I wont be back in Dallas till sept 17, wich is convieniently just in time for someones big birthday!! Ok I wanna call you as soon as I can but I do not have a phone number to reach you at so get that to me AND let me know when you are gonna be in NYC cause I am gonna be there on sept 25...wait I bet you are gonna be gone for your birthday and ill be going when you get back. of course thats how my life is constant ships passing in the night...
Well I really wanna speak to you so get my a phone nuber and good time to reach you ASAP!!

EC said...

i am not at all upset, missie. i never told you not to buy the album. i just wish i could enjoy the music as i once did. i don't fault you.

White Russian said...

All I have to say, Missie, is that Music is better than Sex.

Michelle said...

White Russian Lady you are too freakin funny! Move back to Texas and i'll move back to Texas and Rose is already there and together we all can laugh, drink margarita's, dance to happy music; be young. How are you Era?? Let me know when your coming through London!!

Rose... I am shocked at your lack of self control for polyphonicspreenotbuyingthealbumbecausetheyweremeantoECandECisniceandthatsnotcoolsowe'renotgoingtobuythealbumeventhoughitskickassandwereallyreallyreallywantit. Tisk. I actually went to 3 different stores yesterday looking high and low for it. I live in the ghetto of London so no one had it. Soon I too will be too weak. But I could have gone longer if you were still with me in the fight.

Missie Rose said...

i have the most fantastic and humorous friends ever!!!

stephanie, oh darling how i miss you. however, sept 17th will do. i'll be getting back from NYC early the 18th. Which, had i known your flight ittenary, I would have loved to arrange our trip insync. So now, who will be at the airport to pick you up from Tokoyo and take you out from some good ghetto mexican? Lord, save us I hope that person exists. My number is: 214-660-1614. Though i'll be at work till late tonight, still, if you wish you can give me a call at 4am. For you, I would wake up. :)

And Era,
I concur. Music is my second love, my first high, and my forever secret place. I mean sex is wonderful but I have yet to "make love" so as of right now, i'd trade all the sex in the world for one good album.

Robby G,
I know you would and I'm sorry you can't. :(

You make me laugh out loud at a library. Call me.