Thursday, August 26, 2004

martini- 1
me- 0

amongst close friends, there are no secrets. my weakness(es) wear me better than i wear them; and, despite my inclination of being the picture for self-control, after one two many glasses of wine and then a couple of chocolate martinis on an empty stomach, i will, happily sleep anywhere, in front of anyone. be it a wedding under a table, at a bar,at a party, in a car outside a bar, on a sidewalk, on a porch, in a strangers bed, in a friends bed, or when i should be helping entertain.

the last thing i remember last night was rachel shreeling a loud and amused "NO" as i dashed from the dinner table to her bed; making a belly flop onto it then waking up to silence having replaced the battle of conversations with Snow Patrol, to darkness, to my eyes watering because my contacts were still in, and to Topper licking my toes with his coarse tongue.

zubar was a whole lot more enjoyable than i thought it would be. and joshua's photography was absolutely amazing. it only made sense that by the end of the night, i should make myself look like an ass.


Matt said...


Thanks for linking to my site. I'm very flattered. And you have a nice blog yourself. How does the picture of you with the stuff on your face relate to this post? Did you bake a cake drunk last night? Regardless, it's pretty cute.

Missie Rose said...

well a thank-you for thanking. i found/and loved your blog quite some time ago and had been meaning to link or comment for ages. as for the picture of the girl with flour all over her face: it's not me. i took this picture over two years ago. she's a highschool friend of mine who loved to do silly things with me, like, while baking cookies, putting flour and chocolate frosting all over our faces then taking pictures of it, or, climbing in the grocery store freezer to lay on turkeys. i found this picture today in my "my photos" and thought it was funny. though, it's not without any correlation to the point of this post. just needs to be saught out, that's all. but i'm glad, that even though it's not apparent, you think it's cute. i do too. :)

Michelle said...

I love this post Rose!! Absolutely love it because it is so you, so true to what you do and who you are and its just greatness I tell ya; greatness. I remember when you and Melanie made pasta and were throwing noodles at one another in the kitchen and youknowwhatelsehappened ;)wink ;)wink.

Oh I love you booder.

Missie Rose said...


and remember you vidoe tapping it. i believe, i was succesful in destroying all evidence of said fiasco. good times such as that should remain hush-hush and arguable...unless the star of the humour is someone besides me.

i'm home if you care to call me this morning. personally, i think you should because I LOVE YOUUUUUUU.

SJ said...

I tried to post on my birthday thingy but it wouldnt let me so I am saying THANK YOU SO MUCH you are so sweet and you put a good pic of me up so I love you even more:) mwaahh!!!! I will see you in a couple of weeks my lovely lady;)