Wednesday, August 11, 2004

thief in the night, loose teeth in my mouth

it was still bright out; still day, still with plans to hang out with rachel and tiffany for some half price cocktails at the meridian room later that sunday evening. my curtains had somehow managed to fall down and become tangled up into the covers, which had become tangled up in my legs, which i affixed my sleepy eyes at, this sight, lazy and beautifully bronzed legs in a cluster of bedding and white linen curtains. i thought this to be very interesting. more curious to me, was what was a dream that day and what was real. "i think my sister called sounding as cute as a button. i think i called jon and he was about to go cave exploring. i think i went to work. i think brian broke a record drinking my smart water in one minute. i think all my teeth fell out", such musings battered back and forth in my head as i laid there still gazing at the unusual spectacle at the end of the bed. all my teeth, except the two i'm still waiting on a bridge for, were intact. i lifted up my t'shirt and there was my aqua blue "GUARD" bathing suit still on. my water bottle was no where to be found. and the phone was next to my pillow.

with no one watching, sly as a fly, on my tippy tippy toes, i go to put back mason and jessie's books on the top shelf of small and dark closet. what are they...huckleberry finn and the vendetta files, i believe. doesn't matter, what did was that i stole them. didn't want them. didn't need them. neverless, i stole them. or so i did at least in my dream last night. followed by me bitching out one of my favorite guards for not using her bouye during a visual awareness test rescue. i also dreamt i meet jon's older sister, and she gave me the biggest hugest hug ever. at first i was taken back by her affection to me, a total stranger, but after a bit, i totally loved her and didn't want to pull away from the hug either. oh yes, and i also-also dreamt i went to see a polyphonic spree cover band, but when we got there tim came busting out onto the stage all pissed off and made everyone go home.

pinch me if i'm dreaming-i just heard a rumble of thunder then a huge bolt of lightening come crashing into the distance. and again.


EC said...

what? missie fell asleep and missed plans? no! not possible! hehe

Michelle said...

Crazy dreams Bessy. What did you eat before you fell asleep? The other night I dreamt (again as I tend to dream this awake and asleep) that I was in the polyphonic spree. Not often do I not dream about being in some sort of band. Weird.

You and your dreams!!

Missie Rose said...

i've had that dream a number of times too. when are the fates going to shine down upon us? and by the way mister hehe erik, i didn't miss plans. i simply took a nap before la plans, so there. ;)