Wednesday, August 25, 2004


this is my thunder; my roar of "i am woman, i am capable, i am able to set up my computer all by myself. no manual, no help on the phone, not even a tear of frustration-only pride gosh golly." perhaps with this sensation of self-reliance, i will attempt to, alas, turn the silly dots on my blog into stars. something i meant to do before i republished this new template. though, i've been thinking; contemplating about the design and it's sex appeal, debating on whether or not to put my back into it; to challenge myself with a web design for dummies handbook and revamp the entire thing. add some spizaaz, some obvious sarcasism, some boobs, some animated turtles, some guts and glory. oh, and pictures. pictures in plenty. i can't believe it's been almost a year and a half since i saw era. she looks amazing, happy, as smart and ballsy as ever. there needs to be more of that. of sharing. of me being the medium for, and to, all my love bugs to be in the know of the now. like how jon has, supposedly, gained 20lbs since he moved to oregon. or that the all elusive stephanie has been a blonde in japan for the past eight months. it's the little things i never want to go without; those miniscule nothings that make 60 seconds turn into a minuete. the hom-hum i would give my right leg for.

before i had trimuphed over technology, i was riding my bike to radioshack to buy a mouse and rabbit ears. it seemed like a good idea; like a quick bolt around the block, but soon i found out why, apart from the blistering heat, us in dallas are so content on supporting and bolstering global warming with our unneccesary dependance upon carbon monoxide vehicles: it's the non-existing sidewalks fault i tell you. four miles there and three miles back didn't seem like it would be a journey of toils and perail but when i wasn't trying to pedal to the speed of 40mph in order to keep the cars behind me, behind me, i was forced to find detours through neighboorhoods with sketchy mechanics and counter top installers whistling and gawking at the sight of a girl with pink sunglasses the size of planets(as mike would say) with her skirt catching wind like a kite wanting to fly away. and before i had trimuphed over garland avenue, i was, with every ounce of dedication, trying to stick these two circular transparent pieces of better vision into my eyeballs. and i did...after a thousand failed endeavors.

tonight i'm going to see this guy i run into all the time photography's show at the zoo bar with rachel. who knows what i will face there though i'm sure i'll be victorious.

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