Wednesday, September 01, 2004

there was a time when the idea of munching on a bowl of green olives disgusted me, but here i am sitting at the computer staring sadly into an almost empty container-just two olives remain. make that one. ok, now none. i once heard that your taste buds undergo a metamorphosis every seven years. whether such a fact is true or not, i have not the slightest clue; though, i will attest that foods and spices i once cringed at, now dazzle my taste buds. such as, pizza and white wine.

back when i first started drinking wine it was all about merlot. nowadays i find my taste buds disagreeing with past fondness. a fine dining critic told me that merlot is for those who know nothing of wine, which as snobby as it is, makes sense. the wine bar i work at has, apart from snobby patrons, an excellent pinot noir; though the carement chardonnay...mmmm so buttery, so light, such an "exquisite finish" as the critic lady would declare. this persona is new. it's fun. it allows me to close my eyes as i lay on my bed listening to Beethoven whilst i ponder celestial wonders. but it's a persona, only a persona like most ostensible perceptions about my personality are. what i see versus what others see versus what is.

what i really and truely love are lists: making them, reading them, using them, and any other such function that may be slipping my mind as to concerning them.

here is one for relevance sake:

last album bought: two way monologue-sondre lerche.
last book bought:'the lottery' by shirley jackson
last clothing purchase: marc jacobs skirt for only $30!!!
last thought thought: "how can i make millions of dollars?"
last meal please: pb&j on wheat with a cherry coke.
last person to make me laugh so hard i couldn't walk: kate mcnarry- typically referred as 'the creative power behind a documentary concerning the shockingly distrurbing existence of breatharians and their concomitant, the ©airarians.'

trust me, it's much more interesting than my "to-do" list.

check: write in blog.


Michelle said...

I think your taste buds must change. I used to hate vegetables and now thats all I live on. Last night my dinner was a green paper, 4 carrots, half a cucumber with tazziki and humus. And I liked it all, yummy!! Then again I did have Ben & Jerry's Fish Food for desert so...

Im torn between loving white wine and also having a love for Shirvaz Cabernet. WIne here is so much better. France, Italy and Spain are so close that the wine section is in every grocery store and you have more options than is good for you and its not that expensive. Im bringing back some bottles with me. I know a lovely white i'll bring for you Missie.

EC said...

WHERE ARE YOU???????????
CALL ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!