Monday, September 13, 2004

week 1

too much time has drifted by, and now, i'm at a lost for words; for the right, the most deserving and nostaglic catch o' phrases to describe; to offer my amazement, the depth and extant of the wonderful time i had-the sights and the places that left me rubbing my eyes with my sleeve, left me gasping and in awe; wanting more, permanent, more. but oregon wasn't the only factor to such a disposition of happiness and splendor(yes, splendor), spending time with jon was a huge part of that equation. and he, everything about him was perfect. though the setting made it more than memorable instances like, snuggling my cold nose on his warm neck first thing in the morning, or seeing how eager he was, everyday, in making sure i was happy by driving me down to the coast or up in the mountains, by informing me of facts he knew i would find interesting, by making me promise to not unzip my sleeping bag at night, as so i wouldn't catch a cold, by the way he smiled, by the glitter in his eyes, by the comfort and joy i found in just being next to him, has him, in my mind and in my heart, as oregon's most beautiful and amazing main attraction.

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