Friday, September 24, 2004

"Obviously you're a very enlightened pathetic CEO two faced Liar."

my first reaction to seeing, 'SUMNER SUPRISE: CBS BOSS ENDORSES BUSH!' over there at the drudge report was one of mixed, though, none the less, pleasant feelings-and perhaps i'm a little too skeptical; a little too harsh because, despite my initial pleasant disposition towards this breaking news headline, my inherent inclination was that, because of rather's jr.high journalism tactics that has put the limelight on CBS as an unreliable source of factual news, that Sumner, is hoping to pull the wool over the public's eyes in believing that the fake documents dan rather used in his attack against President Bush's time served in the texas air national guard was 'in-all-honesty(if-indeed-they-are-fake-because-that-is-something-we-still-aren't-willing-to-admit)' innocent mistake; and so even though in sumners own words he's a "liberal democrat", and that, as the wall street journal reports: "the Boston-born Mr. Sumner Redstone was co-chairman of Edmund Muskie's presidential campaign in 1972. He's also a close friend of the other Massachusetts senator, Ted Kennedy. Monday's New York Sun, quoting the Federal Election Commission, said that since 1998 Mr. Redstone had given $50,000 to the Democratic Party. He's also donated the maximum $2,000 to the Kerry campaign, after supporting Al Gore in 2000", so when fingers start pointing and suspisions start arising at whether or not dan rather's piece was politicizing the networks liberal agenda, sumner can non-chalantly claim that at an annual global CEO conference by forbes magazine, that he declared his endorsement for President how in the world could his network be guilty of purposefully decieving the public?!?

but i'm no fool and i hope the rest of the american population isn't either.

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Michelle said...

most of america are idiots though! its like the media beat them with the stupid-stick. geeze louise.