Tuesday, September 21, 2004

and then there was new york city...

as i sat, fist to chin, in the baggage claim terminal of jfk airport waiting for erik and my luggage to arrive i noticed a group of guys a little bit different looking than everyone else. being incredibly intuitive, i knew the likelihood of them being a band was a sure vegas bet. and also being incredibly intelligent, i knew if my intuitive powers were indeed correct, that such an entourage of band boys taking to the air over the usual $100 van means of transportation for touring, could only mean one thing, that they had soled their souls to MTV, or as an addition, as the case was, for a minivan commercial as well. it was modest mouse. one of the guys shoot me a smile and a wink, and as he left, i with blushing cheeks, returned the innocent gesture. it was my first new york moment.

a sub-hop, erik, and luggage in tow later, i was discussing the nights plan while climbing flights of stairs in the brownwoods of brooklyn. little did i know, but up on the forth floor a cat with a respiratory problem that sounded like a terminally ill newborn awaited me. though the pressing issue that evening was not if the cat was in pain or not, but, despite the fact that at 3:55am you can get a drink in almost any bar in nyc, catching snow patrol at 11pm was a futile case.

we ended up making our way to a bar called o'conners where the beer was decently priced and a girl i didn't know from tim buktoo, whom over-heard me expressing desire for a 'two-beer-buzz-cig', offered me one of her '$7-a-pack-parliaments' and then, after telling her it was my first night in the big apple and so far i was amazed at how cordial new yorkers were, warned me about the fung sho demonstrators on every corner.

before calling it a night, erik and i walked across the roofs adjacent to his own temporary lodging, as far and as long as the roofs did allow.

the next day, erik went to work and i went to learn the subway and the city on my own. my first feat of accomplishment was making it to his work out by brooklyn bridge for lunch. secondly, to soho; and, about the time the rain started falling, i had drifted into chinatown. at first, i strolled with my jacket over my head, then necessity suggested i take refuge under a kiosk and inquire about where to buy an umbrella. and so, two dollars later, i had my first new york city purchase. not exactly couture or pretensious, but so very black.

to be continued...

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