Thursday, September 30, 2004

turning twenty-five

i've let the past few weeks slip by without reminiscing despite that there have been moments and stories most worthy of documentation: gut wrenching spasms of gratefulness, of joy, of doing the drum roll on my father's shoulders as i stood above him on a bench with my heels kicked off, bouncing and singing about the sun with my mother next to me clapping and smiling right along; of laughing so hard and so unexpectedly that champagne shot out of my nose, of being with with people i love, people i adore, people that are usually so extraordinarily far away. and now, it's almost midnight. michelle and i are suppose to take a yoga class early in the morning. so once again, i must let this slip by to the cozy arms of goodnight.


Michelle said...

Im so happy you had such a great birthday, that people you love, friends that make you laugh, family that take Valium, surrounded you to celebrate. Here's to 25 years old - may it bring you closer to those you love and fill your heart with joy!

Happy Birthday Missie

the fbg said...

happy birthday darling. may you live - and blog! - for much, much longer!

Missie Rose said...

god, i hope so.