Wednesday, September 08, 2004

september at a glance

9/8: call calvin and julia to wish them both a happy birthday, catch plane to oregon, make a scene at the airport when i see jon.

9/9-9/13: become one with nature.

9/14: catch plane to New York City, pray that Snow Patrol will still be playing by the time we get there.

9/15-9/18: visit the Modern, the Guggenheim, H&M, Time Square, Ellis Island, a morning shows window, and a hot dog stand.

9/18: steph to greet me at the airport with open arms and lots of kisses (i hope) then to los lupes, as tradition requires. work.

9/19:MY BIRTHDAY. brunch at terrillis with good friends, rock my brains out later in the evening at the Motorhead show.

9/20: be extremely lazy, procrastinate unpacking for at least a day.

9/21: be extremely productive, unpack, do laundry, clear a few drawers for michelle, buy her some pillows and an egg crate for my bed because i know she loves those, buy two tickets to the Spree concert for my parents, work.

9/22: enjoy having my tiny dancer in dallas, do whatever she wants, try to influence what she wants to do by smiling at things i like and frowning at things i don't. fingers crossed she'll want to take a picnic to the arboretum or do a yoga class together or give eachother facials or visit the nasher sculptor center or make a stop for fruits and veggies at the farmers market or sneak into the four seasons pool, work.

9/23: repeat, work.

9/24: go thrift store shopping with kate, work.

9/25: curl kate's hair, have kate curl my hair, put flowers in my and kate's hair, take off shoes, dance like a flower child at the Spree concert, try not to embarrass parents too much.

9/26: pick my sister up from the airport!!!!! kiss her, hug her, and make her happy she's in dallas for the time being.

and somewhere in between all that: blog.


Michelle said...

I cannot believe you have planned your entire month! You are too funny Missie. Sounds like a really exciting month though :) Your going to have such a great time in Oregon and especially in NY, im very jealous! Bring me back something cool, something knock-off Prada hand bag kinda thing. Oh and say hello to Katie Currick if you see Good Morning America. Take lots of pictures at the Spree show of you and the family dancing barefoot! Aweeee...

SJ said...

Hello, I wanna go to the spree show too!!! your month excluded me from that festive night:( I dont leave for nyc till the 30th...I wonder if I will get a free ticket out of the stingymaster?? I likey your plans and I am ready to take part!! see ya soon have fun on your vacations!!

SJ said...

I only have the car in the morning so I hope you get in before 12 noon... call me

Missie Rose said...

i just emailed you my itenary :)