Friday, December 23, 2005

we have all been there: it's 11oclock at night and a wendy's commercial is parading dazzling golden french fries, a double-no-triple-my-no-pickle-cheeseburger, and a sumptous frosty. the craving is strong, a hercules of want, but the sofa is soft and all feeble attempts of raising yourself to a standing position results in fainting spells.

nature has taken over and the sofa has won.

for years has this, and similar, struggles made a fool of my cravings. that is why i was surprised the other night when the yearning for cinnamon donuts gripped me and i actually bundled myself up and made the midnight trip to the grocery store. even more amzingly, it was the first of many whims and wants to be fulfilled despite any and all comforts or obstacles.

the only explanation i can conjure up for this phenomen is the baby; that my little bambino offers me with enough motivation to overcome the state of being content. so when the rapture bleeds through the speakers and i feel the baby wanting to stroke that beat, no matter how tired or busy i might be at that moment, i give it up for the kid.

motherhood has begun.

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