Wednesday, December 21, 2005

this morning i'm day dreaming. day dreaming about the pair of camper boots i so want, the trip to barcelona i just whipped up in my head, and having seventy degree weather in san diego on the seventh.

since jon has known me i haven't done much in terms of travel or dreaming big but there was a day when i did and i feel that day beesching me for another round.

i'm not referring to the boots or the weather anymore, maybe the trip. but thinking of what it would be like to kiss the soil of the US goodbye, for awhile at least; take up an oversized scarf, another language, an unrealistic goal and just run as fast and as far as i can. unfortunately, talking jon into such an adventure is more unrealistic than making my home sweet home somewhere in europe.

a year or so ago i brought up the inevitable day when i would want to stretch my legs, dream big, and apply for a residence visa somewhere farfaraway-as i'm wanting now-and after much resistance we finally came to a compromise: he would be ok with me taking a few months here and there to do what i want to do overseas and i would be ok with only a few months here and there.

i suppose, until the baby is old enough to accompany me, i'll be happy to settle for that pair of boots and the travel channel.

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