Tuesday, December 27, 2005

it's not that jon isn't affectionate, it's that i am an affection junkie. there is no such thing as sitting on the couch next to me-it is more like me sitting on you or me wrapped up in your arms or you wrapped up in my arms or me massaging you or me scratching my feet to your feet- anything that consitutes human contact will do. it's nothing new, i've been doing it since michelle was big enough to squeeze. one of my alltimefavorite pictures is of michelle and i as wee little children sleeping: we are both in strawberry shortcake gowns, long blonde hair everywhere, and i have michelle in a death lock spoon. it's a classic.

but anyhow. i've gotten distracted. christmas. the wedding. the new microwave. yaddy-ya, maybe another day.

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