Tuesday, December 13, 2005

here lies my new obsession: pictures of my sister with her cat. all previous time consumptions have been filtered away, all i am left with now are pics like these. priceless and precious, i want to make their faces into calenders and buttons and postcards.

i want to put them in my pocket and fly kites all day long.

i want to create a fansite for them and host fan parties on their behalf. maybe make a cake with their names on it.

i want to have t'shirts made that say "I Rather Be Looking At Pictures of My Sister with Her Little Kitty".

i want to name a national holiday after them. or a road. maybe i'll just adopt a highway in their name.

i want to thank them on stage.

i want to call in the radio station at all hours of the night dedicating to them mariah carey christmas songs.

i want to do all this and then some because they are the cutest duo. ever.


Anonymous said...

Yes I think I have finally found that special someone I will spend the rest of my life with... he's a sweetheart, and he nows how to work the camera.

Let me know our appearance schedule and i'll make sure we're there. Dont want to let the fans of 'Michelle & Bowie' down.

:) Michelle

EC said...

what if the shirt said, "I'd rather be looking at pictures of my sister and her pussy.' Same thing, right?

Missie Rose said...

why don't you get that shirt made and tell me how it goes.