Sunday, December 11, 2005

the truck was packed with a backpack containing salami sandwhiches, potatoe chips, pickles, apples, raisens, cherrios, string cheese, and, after much time spent in walmart making circles around the sports goods and toy section looking for the sleds, one shiny red plastic saucer and a need for speed sledmat. we were heading for the hills, hoping for some snow. an hour later i was flying recklessly down a steep icy hill, backwards, screaming bloody murder all the way. and boy do i have a bruise and a headache to prove it. jon didn't think i'd go all the way to the top of the hill, as everyone else was launching at mid point, but it was my first time sledding and though i understand the dynamics of the physics sledding involves, i somehow seemed to forgot all such knowledge in the light of a higher, steeper possability. i don't remember most of the descent, as my eyes were involuntary closed shut, but do i remember when the killing device came to a sweet stop, someone's little dog came running over to me giving me kisses while jon stood a few feet away hunched over in laughter. now, it was jon's turn. he decided we better get a parking permit before we got a ticket so off we went to beckies cafe for some blackbery pie, hot chocolate, and, of course, the permit. oddly to my surprise, jon decided against getting the permit and suggested we go for a walk in the snowy forrest instead. now, i've seen snow like the snow we saw out there before...but only in movies. it was perfect and it was also a over a foot deep in some places. we trekked through, laughing at ourselves almost falling through the unknown deep snow, until we reached the river gorge. there my sweet love hid behind me on one knee with a ring strecthed out so when i turned around from gazing at the rushing water below that is what i saw.

i'm officially engaged.


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EC said...

Hey, Dan Quayle, there's no "e" in potato.

Missie Rose said...

i have never claimed i inhibited enough intelligence to spell. but if potato was the only word i spelled incorrectly i feel pretty good about myself.