Wednesday, October 20, 2004

where was my mind?

i feel this disclaimer is important, i'm twenty-five years old-i didn't know who the pixies were till the pixies weren't. in 1988, when surfer rosa was released, i was spending my friday nights at kristy nugen's house playing girl talk, organizing my caboodle, snaking on bagel bites, idolizing dj from full house, and, more relevant, listening to debbie gibson or amy grant.

then some years back, while working at cd warehouse, i came across doolittle. by no means did i think it was anything less than brilliant-it was just, at that stage in my budding adulthood, i was more interested in bands such as u2, the verve, blur, echo and the bunnymen, delirious, and radiohead. and so the pixies, through these suceeding years, remained as a band i'm quite aware i should fall down on my knees to worship; and the closest thing my generation will ever have that is comparable to what the Beatles did for rock and roll back in their day. and that was all...until last night when i saw with my own two eyes what the generation before me had been seeing for a decade and a half: belief.


Michelle said...

You have opened my eyes... it was an amazing experience, though I was tired and cranky and my gold heels were cutting in my heel... regardless, it was greatness!

Missie Rose said...

definately. those gold heels were greatness. ;)