Thursday, October 14, 2004

the pumpkin carving project,

or compumkin as ryan would put it.

i placed my pumpkin in the back seat and fastend the seat belt over it's akward spooky face/bodice, at this moment, kate came running out of her house to my car, still dotting the mardi-gras inspired green beaded necklace and indian head band we had precedently decided to be appropiate post-carving attire, to anxiuosly give me two ziploc bags full of pumpkins seeds. earlier in the evening as steph and myself slowly and socially slaved away at our hallow creations, kate had been a busy little bee, already finished with her orange goolish friend, she had then set off to the business of seasoning and roasting the seeds. but not until, i got into my car did i notice the fall themed stickers she had decorated the bags with.

to be continued...


Michelle said...

Awe hpw fun! Sounds like you girls had a great time and Kate's the little Martha Stuart! :)

Missie Rose said...

martha stewart...hmmm.