Sunday, October 17, 2004

dear diary,

being both sleep deprived and dehydrated, rachel and i ended brunch with a resolve to catch an afternoon matinee. but before that was to come about, two of our fellow brunchians needed to make haste back to austin; goodbyes were exchanged, and before i knew it, there i was sitting in front of rachels television, searching tivo for pre-recorded sex in the city. in one of the episodes carrie and charollette meet for dessert at some restaurant; and of course, this instigates not only a rumble in my tummy, but also, a serious craving for something sweet, and more specifically, creme brulee.

being collectively sleep deprived, dehydrated, and now yearning caramlized creamy goodness, rachel and i made another resolution to commence our afternoon matinee with some infamous creme brulee. this spurred online searching for the best creme brulee in dallas, and after exhausting link after link, we finally decided sambucawas the ticket. and i mean ticket, because after the first one, we got a second, and then debated on whether or not to get a third.

hop, skip, and a jump later we were at the magnolia watching the motorcycle diaries; which i had not a clue that it was in subtitles, and probably would have attained more from the film had i seen it not on a day where all i wanted to do was to be acting out my day via r.e.m. still, the film was exceptional and natalie portman's boyfriend portrayed quite a handsome revolutionary indeed.

the movie was over by 7:30, but i had not a wink of energy to be exerted-nor did rachel, and so we said our farewells. on my way driving home, and because i let taylor borrow my/belle's portable cd player so that he could familiarize himself with a band he was getting paid to play with, i was listening to the adventure club(a two hour program the local alternative radio station does every sunday night to make themselves feel alright for all the complete shite they play the other 166 hours of the week) and heard this band from denton called midlake. sure i heard them before, and sure i thought they were just another radiohead/grandaddy wannabe suck assers; and ok, so i heard the new album a few months back and proclaimed it's shocking likeability, but their was something totally different in hearing them on the radio, it was refreshing-it was good, real good. in fact, good enough to add it to my

*Want List.

right along with Young Heart Attack, who i've known about for quite some time but not until last night did i possess the proper knowledge of their greatness to stimulate their placement on my ever evolving

*Want List. i can't claim that i was suprised at how rawk Young Heart Attack was, i've had an insiders inclination that they would be; however, i will admit how surprised i was that an excessive amount of boozes gave rachel and stephanie the insolence to be less than shy concerning a tid bit of juicy information i had so regretfully shared. but as i disclosed previously this afternoon and then this evening, i understand that one day i'll look back and laugh my ass off at the thought of their unabashed subtlety (yes, this oxy-moron is very well intended) to it's cast. but anyways, later at the party i exchanged "most embarrassing moment" stories with steven the bass player; talked mostly music with another bass player from another band, and before i knew it, it was four something in the morning. bassists just seem to have a way with me and me with them, if only, as in this story, in being drawn toward one another at a party by embracing conversational harmony of intellect and aesthetics. it's especially comforting when the both of you are six or seven drinks behind everyone else.

which i hope to compensate for tomorrow with a dollar rita or two at ozonos. hurry home belle!!!

*Want List: Arcade Fire: Funeral, Dandy Warhols: The Black Album, Jon's hot ass, Wilco: A Ghost Is Born, Interpol: Antics,Tom Waits: Real Gone, and now Midlake:Bamnam and Silvercork, and Young Heart Attack: Mouthful of Love.


robert said...

very cool. can you show me or tell me how you did your blog? I am new and want my blog to look very cool, too.
All the best to you!!!!!! I too am sleep deprived, malnurturist, and much more....BUT i will survive!

Missie Rose said...

thanks robert; though, i don't think my blog is "cool" and i'm probably the worst person in the blogosphere to ask advice from. i suggest checking tony pierce. he has a very popular blog and is continually offering his two-cents on how to have a "cool" blog. moxie, is great if your a republican and appalling if your a democrat. the girls over at candied ginger are effortlessly brilliant day in and day out. check em. pantagrapher mike should get a book deal with mcsweeneys, he's such an innovative writer. my sister, belle, is cute as a button and you can always expect to either laugh or be moved. oh and lorie bug is cute as a button too.
tiny dancer is my best friend and is the blogosphere's leading unpretensiuos blogger. she just writes to write and i love that. good luck, i hope you ultimately have simply fun with this outlet. i'll be stopping by to see how it's coming along.


SJ said...

Nice des...

Anonymous said...

...looks like somebody found the spell-check. ;)

Missie Rose said...

anonymous, how very perceptive of you. thanks. ;)