Saturday, October 23, 2004

the thot plickens

living with a smoker is one thing-but living with a smoker who just quit smoking is a whole other ball game. their moody, irritable, over-sensitive, and irrational...i guess because their moody, irritable, and over-sensitive. basically, their me during pms. up until this past month, patti and i had not had a single dispute or conflict of amiablity. she did her thing and i did mine. mine of course, was staying out of her way and in the shadow of being busy, social, and productive. that though was so ever slightly altered after both full-time jobs dissolved leaving me with one part time job; and my sister and best friend moved back into the country becoming semi-permanent figures around the house/room. still, i try my upmost to stay out of the way and advise my guests to do the same, especially after the first rebuttal and insight into her resolution. then this morning, i was beckoned for another "we need to talk" talks, and this time, her frustration carried hefty discontent for the state of things. but the state of things, in reality, has nothing to do with me. they have to do with her. her being irritable because her body is going through withdrawal from twenty years of nicotine indulgence. and i am, quite frankly, getting tired of allowing her use me as her whipping boy. so to speak.

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